Whether you’re in need of a full replacement or a repair, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve hand-selected some of the finest craftsmen who come with years of experience and the latest techniques.

We understand finding a reliable home improvement company can be challenging. We’ve assembled a team to help guide you through the process. From the material selection, to the final inspection- we will be there! At Perfectly SQ, we not only earn your trust, we maintain it.

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We don't have a type.

We work on all kinds of roofs. From asphalt to metal; we’ve got the tools & techniques to ensure your roof is properly installed. Allowing your home to continue protecting your family from the Michigan elements.

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Any Shape, Any Size.

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50 year warranty

50 Year Shingle Warranty

At Perfectly SQ, we install every roof w/ a CertainTeed Architechural Shingle backed by a 50-Year Warranty. You read that right, 50 years! We can offer such extensive coverage because CertainTeed roofing products are crafted with quality materials, advanced manufacturing methods and a standard of excellence.

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Age is just a number.

Once we reach a certain point in life, we like to think age is just a number. Unfortunately, this philosophy doesn’t apply to your roof. Age is crucial when it comes to repairing vs replacing. From a new build needing a repair, to a 1900’s Victorian in need of a replacement; we’ve got you covered!

Metal Roofing

Lightweight metal roofs are quick and easy to install. Here in Michigan, with our traditionally heavy snowfall and spring and fall rains, metal roofs provide exceptional protection with superior runoff properties. Dark tone metal roofs heat up quickly in the sun, facilitating snowmelt, thus reducing the weight on your roof, while in the summer, the PVDF coating reflects more sunlight, making it more economical to keep your home cool. With many designs, styles, and colors to choose, metal roofing will give your home a beautiful finish and enhanced curb appeal.
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