Whether you’re in need of a full replacement or a repair, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve hand-selected some of the finest craftsmen who come with years of experience and the latest techniques.

We understand finding a reliable home improvement company can be challenging. We’ve assembled a team to help guide you through the process. From the material selection, to the final inspection- we will be there! At Perfectly SQ, we not only earn your trust, we maintain it.

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We don't have a type.

We work on all kinds of roofs. From asphalt to metal; we’ve got the tools & techniques to ensure your roof is properly installed. Allowing your home to continue protecting your family from the Michigan elements.

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Any Shape, Any Size.

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50 Year Shingle Warranty

At Perfectly SQ, we install every roof w/ a CertainTeed Architechural Shingle backed by a 50-Year Warranty. You read that right, 50 years! We can offer such extensive coverage because CertainTeed roofing products are crafted with quality materials, advanced manufacturing methods and a standard of excellence.

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Age is just a number.

Once we reach a certain point in life, we like to think age is just a number. Unfortunately, this philosophy doesn’t apply to your roof. Age is crucial when it comes to repairing vs replacing. From a new build needing a repair, to a 1900’s Victorian in need of a replacement; we’ve got you covered!