Not only do we take pride in our roofing; we have acquired some of the best siders West Michigan has to offer. At Perfectly SQ, we understand the importance of your siding protecting your family & home from the Michigan elements. Updating your siding also completely transforms the overall look of your home. Whether it’s a want or a need, we have the crew for you! Our siding services range from smaller repairs to full replacements. We would love to help you maintain the longevity of your home and boost your curb appeal!


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Durable & Low Maintenance

Vinyl siding is known for being remarkably strong. Unlike wood or aluminum; it won’t rot, rust, chip, or conduct electricity. Vinyl’s ability to hold up against the elements allows it to retain its qualities up to 40 years. If low maintenance is a must-have, vinyl is the option for you!

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With a variety of styles and hundreds of color selections; vinyl gives you the opportunity to create a unique-look designed for you. From classic clapboard to shake- we can make your home stand out from the rest!

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Energy Efficient

Vinyl’s dual-layer construction helps block the passage of hot & cold air from both sides. It also helps to assure the inside of a home stays dry. Vinyl can improve the overall energy efficiency of an older home, or help maintain high levels of efficiency on newer one.

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The real benefit of vinyl is the price. Unlike other products, it has a quick & easy installation that helps reduce the overall cost of your project. Luxury-look with a sensible price tag.

SOFFIT & Fascia

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When examining the siding for your West Michigan home, you should always include the soffit and fascia. These are odd sounding words for two very important parts of your home’s exterior. If you haven’t had a leak issue before in your roof or siding, you may have no idea what these are.

Most roofs have an overhang that protrudes a few inches or so from the side of the house. The soffit is the part underneath the overhang where the siding meets the edge of your roof. It plays a key role in regulating your home’s temperature. Cool, dry air is drawn into the soffit vent and the hot, moist air circulates out of your roof’s exhaust vents, allowing your house to ‘breathe’.

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The fascia, like the soffit, also allow ventilation for your home while protecting your roof. It’s the board running along the edge of the overhang, just a few inches wide, that gives your roof its finished look. It acts as a transition trim between your home’s exterior facade and the roofline.

Both the soffit and fascia are very important in preventing damage to your roof and shingles from harsh weather such as snow, ice, or driving rain. If they’ve been improperly installed, your roof can experience peeling paint, insulation damage, wood rot, and mold. Pests and small animals may gain entrance into your home. At Perfectly Square, we are experts in the installation of both soffit and fascia. If you see problems with either of them, give us a call.