A handsome, well-designed, and professionally-built deck is practically a must for West Michigan homes. There’s no better way to enjoy Michigan’s great outdoor weather and entertain family and friends, spring, summer, and fall than with a beautiful, functional deck. Perfectly Square offers the best, most beautiful and professionally built decks in Grand Haven, Holland, Muskegon, and the Lakeshore. We’ll help you choose a design or customize one that fits your home, with a variety of sizes, material, colors, and finishes.


composite decking

composite decking

We use traditional wood as well as Trex composite decking for the decks we install. While many enjoy the look and appeal of traditional wood, others choose Trex for its distinct advantages. Trex decks will not warp, rot, or splinter, and they don’t require seasonal painting, sealing, or staining. For railing systems, we offer cocktail, aluminum, wood, metal, and glass panels. If it’s time to add a deck to your home, let Perfectly Square install it to your complete satisfaction.

Railing systems


Complete your deck with an attractive and functional cocktail railing. The distinctive feature of this type of railing is that it uses a deck board as a top rail that’s wide enough to hold drinks and small plates, as well as decorative touches like candles, small potted plants, and other items.


If safety on your deck is of paramount importance, an aluminum railing is your ideal choice. Aluminum is sturdy, economical, and will last for years, while requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep. This type of railing is available in a wide variety of finishes and aesthetic designs.


Wood railings have always been a popular choice for home and commercial decks. They can match your wood deck material in color and grain, and when properly treated, they will last for many years. Just remember that being made of wood, your deck railing will need regular maintenance to remain in top shape and endure Michigan’s harsh winters.


For the sturdiest and lowest maintenance, you’ll want to choose a metal deck railing for your new deck. Our metal deck railings are incredibly strong and powder-coated so they’re exceptionally resistant to rust or corrosion, problems with insects or the effects of snow, ice, rain, and cold. They won’t warp, chip, or peel.


An up and coming alternative to wooden deck railings are glass panel railings. Glass panels create a sense of openness and space, offering a touch of elegance and a much more unobstructed view when you or visitors are enjoying your deck. A glass panel railing when installed properly is not only highly functional, but very safe.


When designing handicap ramps, it’s important to consider factors such as slope, width, handrails, and surface materials to ensure safety and compliance with ADA standards. Ramps should be sturdy, slip-resistant, and seamlessly integrated into the existing architecture. A well-built handicap ramp not only enhances accessibility but also promotes independence and inclusivity.